2024 Pride, “Cultivating Resilience; Harvesting Hope”

From the Lavender Scare to Stonewall, through the AIDS crisis and Supreme Court battles for marriage equality and employment protections, the LGBTQI+ community has been a model of resilience. Though we’ve seen major progress with societal acceptance, we’re amid a backlash to that progress that’s led to rampant misinformation, a host of state laws targeting LGBTQI+ individuals, particularly transgender and non-binary individuals, and families restricting access to life-saving gender-affirming care and increases in violence against the community. Each generation learns from the previous and, in turn, fosters the courage to live and present to the world their authentic selves. They also inspire allies to stand with the community, speak out, and fight for equality. The LGBTQI+ community is cultivating the continued resilience to build a future where love is love, transgender and non-binary adults are celebrated for who they are, and transgender kids can grow up and learn in an environment where, instead of being demonized, they are seen, heard, and valued.

USDA programs operate to increase resilience, responsiveness, and adaptability in our agricultural communities. But like the goals that our farmers and ranchers have for their lands and livestock, we should aim to go beyond a state of just managing the stressors to one that allows their lands, livestock, and operations to flourish – that starts with hope. At USDA, we’re working on our efforts to provide more equitable services and programs, allowing our customers to harvest that hope, and that starts with creating a diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplace where LGBTQI+ employees feel valued and safe to bring their authentic selves to work fostering the innovation needed to deliver all our vital services to the American people. We will continue to create equitable policies, a culture at USDA that is welcoming to all, and most importantly, do everything we can to ensure our employees who live and work all over the country, including places where they experience enduring discrimination, are safe. 

In acknowledgement of this history and with eyes on a brighter, more equal future, USDA’s theme for LGBTQI+ Pride Month 2024 is “Cultivating Resilience, Harvesting Hope.”

In celebration of Pride Month, The Office of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, the National Agricultural Statistics Service, and Equality USDA will host an event on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at 1 pm ET on the Whitten Patio, and broadcast virtually.  Stay tuned for save the date information to register for the virtual broadcast. Also, more information will be available on other events, too. 

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