Black Lives Matter

Equality USDA Stands with Communities of Color in their demand that the oppressive use of excessive and deadly force by police against Black and Brown people end immediately, and that we all across this country begin to tear down the ingrained systems of oppression that allow it to continue. We stand against the senseless murders of men and women simply for existing Black. We stand against the harassment of Black people being reported to police for just living their lives. To our members, the rights we enjoy today are a direct result of the work and fights of LGBTQ+ People of Color and it’s high past time our white brethren repay the efforts. We vow to use the resources at our disposal to support these causes, and educate ourselves and all of you on the issues affecting these communities, and how we can all be better allies. To Communities of Color, we see you, we hear you, we share in your pain and frustration. We grieve with you. We vow to show up and speak up leveraging our collective privilege in support of justice and equality. We are not here to tell you how to grieve or protest, we are simply here to have your back. We say the names of those fallen because their lives matter. Black Lives Matter. #GeorgeFloyd #TonyMcDade #AhmaudArbery #BreonnaTaylor #CoreyJones #JohnCrawford #TerranceCrutcher #KeithScott #CliffordGlover #ClaudeReese #RandyEvans #YvonneSmallwood #AmadouDiallo #WalterScott. #EricGarner #FreddieGray #PhilandoCastile #MichaelBrown #SandraBland #TrayvonMartin #NinaPop

Be more than words, be action.

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